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As we enter the side of year filled with festivals and holidays, there are many Indians who browse through YouTube in search of Indian devotional content ranging from Aartis, Mantra’s to Bhajans and Jagrans. Although there are many devoted YouTube channels to specific aspects of the India’s symbiotic religions and their traditions, but finding the best content gets tough in this plethora of religious content.

So here are the top Indian devotional Whatsapp Status Video that specialize in devotional songs & videos.

WhatsApp, Facebook is not just territory of teenagers and young adults anymore. Middle-aged and older people also using it now. WhatsApp probably will be the most used use app in this community. They may have come onboard late but they are not afraid to use it and experiment with it.So, here we are creating a collection of spiritual, bhajan or god related WhatsApp Status Video Collection. We hope that you will like it.