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To the average human being, a school is a place where people go and learn. Well, that definition is the most appropriate for the word school. A school is a place we learn the way to behave, it is a place where we learn the path to good virtues. A school is a place where people are taught the precept of becoming somebody in life, it is a place where we gain the necessary knowledge to be who we want to be in life. A school is a place for grooming the young and old. It is very necessary for our developments as a human. Educate your kids “ The Advantage of Education” There is no doubt that your Children’s know they need to complete their Studies. They just may not realize why !!! Take time to explain to your children the Advantage of getting an education and how that will affect their future. Describe the different careers that will be available to them when they are educated versus when they are not, and the different salaries they can earn. A reality check can do wonders for motivation. Getting encouraged can be difficult for children if the pressure on them to do well is too much. Your children’s will not be as interested in school if they know you expect them to get straight As read extra books and be the idol player on the basketball team. While it is fine to set high standards for your child, the goals should be realistic.

There is always going to be a moment in your school life that you will find worthy remembering or you would want to forget so bad you just do not know what to do.
When these times comes, all you need to do is find a piece of quote that you can relate to or something like that so here are some of the school life quotes that you can look out and try to find yourself in those memories.