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Make your day special with a meaningful Guru Purnima Status

Status can be a very effective way to reach out a lit of people at a time. If you are away from your real gurus of life, your parent, then go for a Guru Purnima Video Status to Update Whatsapp Story. They are the first people with whom you have acquainted yourself. Some have known their grandparents to be their first guru and some as accepted their elder brother or sister as the pathfinder of life. So a simple status can make you close to your loved ones in this Guru Purnima. Make sure that you fill your status with some meaningful inspirational quotes that can cherish the mind of the reader.

Gurus can hear inner calls

Some legendary figures have made the great contribution in the preparation of Indian scriptures. Great figures like Patanjali, Ved Vyas, Sankaracharya and many others, all have given a new ray of hope to the coming generations and have taught people the importance of a perfect “Guru”. A “Guru” is someone who is having knowledge of excellence and has faith in the inner consciousness. A guru is never wrong and is the pathfinder in every possible way in a disciple’s life. Here you will get the best Guru Purnima Images for Whatsapp & Facebook.